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    Latest from James Prestridge of  - close-up: An Interview with Yanina Hope  via @wordpressdotcom

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    Very excited to see Lover for a Day (Jan 19). The wonderful and insightful Louise Chevillotte told me: ‘To embody Ariane has been really powerful for me because I felt that I defended a new vision of woman’s femininity.’ 

  3. Have to say @anthony_bueno & I are loving THE LOWE FILES @RobLowe hope to see a two!

  4. .@VivienReid another mutual interest Christopher Fettes and a love of cats.

  5. .@nickbroomfield1 is an outstanding documentarian. Kurt & Courtney is such a worthy watch, even to observe the obstacles he overcomes to get the made.

  6. I love how all these characters co-exist and integrate in the same world. on @NetflixUK The @BBC make stunning period

  7. We had the pleasure of interviewing you and Dominic at the UK , was a lovely evening and great to meet you Simon. 

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    Special moments and memories from 2017. Grateful.

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    Feeling positive just booked my first Tron 100 workshop of 2018 with the amazing @MHillVoice can't wait! @TronTheatre

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    New Years Eve party in Glasgow. James Bond theme. Wig and sparkles ready! 🌟🌟🌟

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    HECTOR. Loosely based on a real person, Hector (Peter Mullan) is a homeless man who sets out on his annual pilgrimage from to , to join his friends at a shelter at Christmas time 

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  12. Hector is not just a about the plight of homelessness, it’s a story of family, compassion and self-preservation. 

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